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About Us

Our Motive

With the digitalization in India, many people are now looking for laptops which is perfect for their needs and requirement. People mainly need laptop for software development, gaming & streaming, editing or for productivity.

We will give you a comprehensive idea on the best laptop which can fit your requirements. You can trust our service, as our advise is 100% unbaised and we do not prefer any specific brand for our profit.

Our Story

We have seen the laptop market from the beginning. In India, people generally prefer to buy laptops offline. But offline shops make use of this mentality and sell the wrong products. Like we have seen a shopkeeper selling a core 2 duo laptop in the name of core i3!

On the other hand, companies like Amazon are trying their best to gain the confidence of customers. And that’s why they are flexible in the return & refund process. So, a customer can actually trust the online companies like Amazon and Flipkart for buying laptops.

Considering these trends, we have created a process by which we can identify which laptop best suits your need and it can easily be bought online on Flipkart or Amazon. It took around 1 year of research to formulate this process and we are 110% sure that we will be able to identify the best laptop for you.

Why us?

Our posts will be simple to read and understand. We know that people don’t have much time to read 4000 word articles and understand those graphs and tables. So, we will not include any graph of thermals, performance, etc. We will just write how is the performance or thermals of the laptops in a line or two.

We will include some useful images which will give you an overview of the laptop. There will be an Amazon link with laptop so you can check it’s latest price and reviews.

That’s all for now, see you in the post😉